I feel good.

2013-03-21 18:57:39 by Xtrullor

Actually, I really do feel good. Honestly. This is going very well for me now.

See, first of all, I happened to break the 1,000 listens milestone again with decent scores and all. I've received a heckton of messages since then, either requesting an approval for the usage of the track... or even common help how to do stuff by their own! I mean, these really do mean something to me, I feel I'm finally making impact with my years of varied working considering music.

It's not only that, but I actually happened to get my first live concert of some kind, too. I was requested to show my stuff in a local thursday club, and I did so. I made some showcase material, a small track so to say, to show what I'm able to do with what programs. The screen was projected to the wall, and it showed my open project right on front of a 50 headed audience. I loved their reactions when I showed a couple things and explained everything as simply as possible. They seemed to be very, very interested, because computer made music is not popular around here. This is something different for a while.

I seemed to get a lot of attention even before the whole thing even started. Some people who were working with music on a computer mostly for fun or something, complimented me on how extensively complicated my stuff looks compared to theirs.

And when the whole thing started, first what I saw was confusion. When the whole thing built up into the main drop thing, I seemed to catch a lot of very excited and weird looks. Everyone just suddenly started making quick blabbers with each other. I think it was still going pretty well, but I kept the track going on. I hated the speakers it was playing on though...

When it was over, I got a nice load of applauses. This, this was something different, and they liked it. They liked it a lot.
You don't even know how much of a relief I got from that. These people aren't used to this stuff, but they actually liked it.
Now my musical colleagues know what I'm doing at home all the time. Now they know where my strengths are, and I will get known for that. I am that guy who makes electronic music, and apparently impressive stuff as so.

Please note: I yet need to upload my latest works right here, and I'm outdated as heck here

I will continue producing electronic stuff whatever it is. I will probably even begin make little concerts of some kind, which includes my music stuff. Heck, we even have a festival around here every summer - I should take a look at it a little.

As I said, I feel good. I know what I will do now and very intensively. I've already been requested to do some new stuff for an another club night.

Peace out, and get ready to listen to more music soon!


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