Planning to go live!

2013-03-24 05:49:28 by Xtrullor

Since this electric music seems to go so well right now, that I've already made a showcase in a local musical institute about it, I'm seriously planning and researching to go live with my music!

I will be doing both original track stuff, mixing stuff I happen to make out, and experiment with various kind of elements while going live with great output of big speakers.

So! What am I going to use?

Apart from using only original content, Akai APC40 seems to be a no-brainer for me right now. It comes with Ableton Live already, so it'll come out easy. The table seems to be pretty simple after using various mixtables on my time, so this so far seems to be the best bet for live mixing.

Here's a video of the usage of APC40. Not me, but good enough to show you what that weird thing is.

Yet I need to order it and start mixing out. I probably need a new speaker set, my current ones are so freaking bad you don't even know.


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