Screenshot of "Wonderpunch"

2013-05-02 14:39:26 by Xtrullor

I've decided to do full re-install for Windows 7.

Here's a screenshot of one of my tracks in FL studio before it all is gone.

It opened nicely in the new FL Studio 11. I was lucky to have the spare money left for that, the performance mode KICKS ASS.

Screenshot of "Wonderpunch"


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2013-05-02 16:30:06

Re-install... why?

Xtrullor responds:

To start from the very scratch and put everything in nice order for more comfortable and faster use.

It would've taken so effin' much more time manually. My installment was a clusterfuck, let's say that.


2013-05-03 04:02:49

Same to me, as I look at all the directories in my pc. It's very messy.