Get free snare sounds!

2013-05-07 16:59:50 by Xtrullor

Yeah, I made these.

I've used them in my few latest tracks.

No credits needed, they're free to use however you want to!

All these samples have been used on all my latest tracks.

If the link doesn't work, don't worry, just comment and I'll update it.


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2013-05-08 03:26:32

Always good with royalty free musical resources. Thanks!

And I'm the first downloader, woo! :D


2013-05-08 07:32:11

Nice, thanks. Can be really helpful for me :D Youre good mate


2017-04-23 18:38:27

since i am new to NG, and i cant figure out how to reply to a reply, yeah i know. still, they sounded sick.