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Doing the music the way I like it. Epic and just slightly dark and weird. My music is royalty free to use!

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Hey people.

Let’s read some shitloads of TEXT, shall we?

I just got a pretty great idea about using my ever increasing production skills to do something fun and useful with you guys over here at Newgrounds. Basically, the idea goes as follows:



Send me your music in a message, and I will take a listen. I will then eventually respond with a fairly detailed review, which consists out of a bunch of constructive feedback and my own personal rating.
By request, I can also provide additional content and assistance for your project, and I can also teach you to do some things you might have wanted to learn to do, too!



Basically, I am now freely available as your go-to feedback machine kind of a producer guy at Newgrounds, so you can use me anytime you think you need some advice or assistance with something regarding your music!

To make it clear what I am, what equipment do I have and what can I actually do to help with your projects, I'm going to break it down to details right over here. Skip to desired parts if that's what you need, or read the whole thing at once if that's what you fancy. In any way, there shall be text.

Have fun reading!



============ What am I? What do I have? ============


I am currently a student in a conservatory, studying music technology in means to chase a career as a... well, a music technology guy. This means I specialize in understanding, handling and modifying sound in scenarios related to music and technology, which for the time being mostly consists out of recording, mixing and producing music in a studio environment you've got to learn to use.

Currently though, my skills thrive in electronic music production, dubstep being the main style.

I have a musical taste which gears towards making everything to sound pretty epic. Because it's been my main focus in production, I have learned to do quite a few compositional and mixing related techniques to achieve that kind of sound.

I am currently trying to learn to make epic orchestrations, which I will then combine with dubstep and the like to achieve the most epic dubstep music style I have ever personally witnessed. A style that has not yet been done correctly, if you ask me.

My musical orientation may or may not have an unique effect to the work I can provide, talked about below in the additional assistance section.

So... what do I actually use to make my music, though?


I use FL Studio as my DAW to make my music. You can personally use just about any other DAW you want to achieve the same results that I do. I just like the way FL Studio handles the workflow which I favor over others.

Here's a list of most of the additional plugins and things that I generally use in my production:

  • Waves Gold bundle (an awesome set of mixing plugins)
  • Waves TransX (my favorite transient shaper plugin)
  • EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold
  • EWQL Stormdrum 2
  • Olympus Symphonic Choir (Kontakt 5 library)
  • Addictive Drums
  • Serum
  • Massive
  • Absynth 5
  • Razor
  • Kontakt 5 (full of various instruments and things that came with Komplete 9 ultimate bundle)
  • Reaktor 5 (contains various synths and things that came with Komplete 9 ultimate bundle)



My desktop computer was built about a year an a half ago with a some 1400€ budget I think.

With an Intel i7 3770K processor and a some 16 gigabytes of RAM, most of the projects stand strong without any lack of processing power, and without any fear of having too much shit loaded up at once, which'll resulting in a freeze.

For listening I have acquired a pair of Adam A8X studio monitors, and I love them to death. They're fucking awesome. With these guys I don't even need a subwoofer, as the bass is still strong and clean down there, thanks to the 8" cones. The sound only starts tapering out at around 30-40hz or so.
I attribute these monitors for making my mixes to be what they are today. They simply kick ass.

For headphones I have Sennheiser HD 25-13 II monitoring headphones, which I mainly use for checking my mix as a reference here now and then.

Here's a picture of the whole mess of a music-battlestation that I have.
Yes, I actually use my computer by standing, which makes me feel more active for work.




============ Writing the actual Message ============

About time we got here.

At any point during your creation of music, if you think you'll need some feedback or assistance with it, you can send me a message about it and I’ll begin constructing a response for you accordingly. There is no skill cap on how good you have to be in order to send me your music - just do it regardless!

When composing a message, please include a download link to your music so I can take a listen. I’d rather have an audio file of your music than streaming it off of the internet, because it allows me to analyze your track more accurately inside my DAW.

By default I will write a basic rundown of things you could do better in your project, and how could you do it. If you want me to write about something more specific or unusual about your track, let me know and I’ll do my best at delivering a suitable response.

Don’t hesitate to ask even the smallest things! It doesn’t matter how simple or “stupid” your question is, I will happily answer it for you. Also forget about feeling too demanding in your message, because I’m here to enjoy doing this shit, so bring it on.




============ Additional assistance ============


In addition to written text based feedback, I am ready to assist you with any of the general parts of production listed right over here. If you feel like I could be useful to you with anything in here, I am ready to get to work the moment you include it in your message.

You can also request me to do any of these things separately without asking for feedback for a track at all!


  • Composition.

    I can assist you with creating melodic elements into your track, functional chord progressions, et cetera. I can even go as far as assisting you with making a complete dubstep drop made out of complex series of synths and elements, while also explaining the logic and creative thought behind it.

    I am also able to create various audio content for your own project you feel unable to do them by yourself. Just tell me what you need, and I’m going to attempt to create these samples for you as well as I can.

    These audio samples could be something like an orchestral part for a some segment in your track, some odd arpeggio synth mangling thing for your experimental house music, atmospheric background sounds, drum samples, or just about anything you think wouldn’t be impossible for a some sophisticated bedroom producer to create.


  • Sound design and synths.

    I can also help you with sound design to create sounds for you with Massive & Serum. You can request a sound or a pack of sounds by describing them to me, and I'll attempt to create them with the best of my abilities.
    I will then share the preset/patch file(s) and try to explain what I have done, so you can apply the same information to achieve a better understanding to your own sound design processes in the future.

  • Mixing.

    If you think your project is stuck in a bad mix or something, I could try to mix it for you with my own personal set of mixing skills and equipment. I could do it with either one of these two technical approaches:

    1#: You’ll send me your project as a pack of .wav stem files. (Recommended)

    Stem files make it pretty easy to use my awesome arsenal of awesome mixing plugins I currently have on my disposal. Stem files are easy to handle, which will make the mixing process pretty quick.
    If this is how you want to do it, I’d prefer you to send stems out of a fully composed track (a track that has a beginning and an end) so I can treat your complete track from start to finish as a single entity.

    2#: The second method is to send me your project as an .flp save file.

    NOTE: You must always use the most recent version of FL Studio to avoid compability issues.

    As an FL Studio user, receiving the project save file itself would give me a lot more delicious control over your track compared to having a set of audio stem files which never change their original behaviors. This allows me to do even more accurate and complex edits inside your project, probably even changing the overall sound of the whole track a little bit.

    If you desire to have my oh-so-glorious-OCD-like editorial touch with your track, all you need to do is to include all your project’s content within your .flp save file, pack them up and send me a download link for them.

    To pile up all the files you’ve used in your project so far, navigate to (File>Export>Project Data Files....) and pack them up into a some folder with the project’s .flp file.

    There’s always the possibility of getting some errors about missing plugins that I don’t have, but which you do. I do have my ways to circumvent this particular problem though, but it can probably take a little while. In worst cases, this problem can make the project pretty impossible to function the same way it did for you, rendering the project useless for my editing due to missing original content. In this case, send me stem files and I'll get to work.


  • Mastering.

    Although mastering is not exactly my main expertise in music production, I know how to do it without being a total crapshoot at it. To get a general idea of my current mastering skills, take a listen to one of my recent submissions Hidden Dangers [DUBSTEP].

    My mastering mainly consists out of little final touches and fixes to the overall sound, and bringing up the loudness up to par with most music out there.
    If you desire to have your music mastered by me, I have a couple requirements for your audio at first:

    1#: The unmastered audio file must be a 24-bit .wav audio file.

    This is because the higher bit-depth allows me to sculpture the sound with a more fine-tuned dynamic range, which means the audio has more “levels of loudness” in which it can inhabit.

    For an example, while a 16-bit wave file contains 65,536 possible digital binary values within itself for representing the amplitude of sound, the 24-bit wave file has a whopping 16,777,216 values to do the same thing, just with an accuracy of 256x smaller steps in amplitude.

    This is pretty important, because the sound will get more playarea to change it's loudness around while it’s constantly getting slammed against the wall of compression. I will have more control over on making sure your track doesn't clip the fuck out when I'm bringing the level of loudness up closer towards the digital distortion.
    I have more control on making the track sound good while also being loud at the same time.
    (Seriously though, loudness is overrated)

    2#: Keep in mind that mastering rarely saves a bad mix from being a bad mix.

    My mastering isn’t supposed to be the magical sprinkle of stardust which’ll suddenly make your track sound amazing out of nowhere. Of course I can make it sound more solid and packed up by using compression and saturation effects, but it is not going to fix your poor mix behind it all.

    Make sure you’re personally satisfied with your own mix at first! Try to make your track sound as final as possible before sending it for me, because a better mix will pretty much always yield better results with the mastering process in the end.


============ Last words and the TL;DR ============


I’m hoping to make this a regular thing alongside with my music production as the time goes on. Not only would this improve the production skills of others, but it also will help me assure myself that I know what I’m actually talking about when I’m writing my responses to people’s projects. It’s a simple win-win scenario, even though I’m doing most of the work here. But that’s entirely fine by me, I have way too much free time anyway which is why I even came up with this idea.

Even if you don’t have anything to show at the moment, keep in mind that I’m always available for any sudden ideas about any of your audio related things that you might have been thinking about.

Add me on Skype as “ubandage” if you feel like chatting/calling me up directly, just to talk for the sake of it, if anything!

Alright... I guess that was it, then.

Let's get this shitstorm rolling.

- Xtrullor

You are free to send me any of your tracks as a download link anytime you want, and I’ll provide some feedback about it and any additional work that you may have requested within the message. Also, holy shit that is a lot of text.

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