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Asking me "Can I remix your music?"

2017-03-02 07:09:31 by Xtrullor

Let's make something clear.

I've been getting a lot of these messages a good while now, and they are completely unnecessary.

You don't need to ask remixing permissions from people in general, especially not from me. It's an another case when you start using the music in places, particularly commercially (as in you make money with it).

If you want to know what you can do with people's music in this site, check this box out in every track's page:


When you open the "Commons Deed" link, you will be faced with basic information what you can do with it:


This is my default license.

It's not that hard, people.

- X


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2017-03-02 07:17:59

Of course you can, do i have to send midi to you?


2017-03-02 07:20:16

I was about to ask the same question as @FirePowerX but it turns out it's about the licensing terms. Well addressed.


2017-03-02 08:21:08



2017-03-02 09:33:58

So, we don't need to ask. We need only to credit you and distribute the resulting work under a similar license.


2017-03-02 10:40:25

Yes! Why not? This is a good idea. And yes, you can use the mencionated license.


2017-03-02 10:45:32

Like everyone else I thought you were going to ask if you wanted to remix our stuff lol


2017-03-02 18:09:14

at least theyre not asking you to actually remix their music. i have a feeling that would be even worse.


2017-03-03 11:18:28

Well.. ok.


2017-03-04 12:12:56

c@n 1 r3m1x u r s0ng p10x

(That's just to troll)


2017-03-05 10:42:03

How do you even remix somebody's work?


2017-03-06 00:06:11

Wait, people actually don't read licencing terms?


2017-03-19 20:23:51

I'm glad you adressed this. If good ol Tommy Fap.. I mean FULP stated this, would be nice. The boxes are there for a purpose guys. Read them!


2017-03-26 13:55:33

Seriously? Who would want to remix your music??? I mean, what they would remix?? Your music is too perfect to be remixed.

Xtrullor responds:

Let's say that they have not been very impressive so far.


2017-04-24 14:04:22

That's cool but,how do we do to get the stems? also X,people wanting to make remixes of your tracks doesn't mean that your songs are bad,they are AWESOME especially the new style
sincerely a fan and try of producer


2017-05-08 09:34:25

Found when creating a new project
Remixes & Covers: If your song is a cover or remix, it must be done with the permission of the original artist and must not be for a song that is represented by a major label or licensing agency. We are unable to host this sort of material.
Are you giving your express permission to everyone on Newgrounds?
Just wanting to warn you that this seems to be what you are doing, even though it is not what Newgrounds says it is doing.

Xtrullor responds:

Guess so I am, it never really has been a norm to ask permissions for remixes in general, unless you are dealing with highly secured licensed music.


2017-05-20 06:40:53

Cool, I'm thinking of remixing Jnana or I like your face once i get better at making dubstep and orchestral music, so i will be sure to keep thin in mind :D


2017-05-23 14:59:39

I hope you haven't "died", there isn't any point in life otherwise ;-;

Another Cringy comment brought to you by TDWL2, the worlds worst music producer.


2017-05-24 16:33:08

You should collab with Geoplex. Collabing with Spaze was also a great idea, too bad he didn't want to...